Course Details: Introduction to Homeostasis

Introduction to Homeostasis

Health Science

Course availability

12 months

Course Information

This suite of 4 learning modules develops your understanding of what our bodies are made of (cells) and the body’s ability to keep a constant internal state despite external fluctuations (homeostasis). This introductory course starts by exploring cells, the basic building blocks of life. We then investigate what homeostasis is. We investigate the body’s homeostatic feedback systems and look closely at a few specific examples such as blood and temperature regulation.
The course is suitable for all students who are interested in commencing careers in health sciences and anyone who seeks a fundamental understanding of what the body is made of and how the body regulates itself.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, learners will have an understanding of:
  • What cells are, how they are structured and how they move material around the body
  • What homeostasis is and how it works
  • What is happening as our body regulates blood sugar, temperature and calcium levels

Course Overview

The course includes the following:
  • Cell types, structure and processes
  • What homeostasis is and how body feedback systems work
  • Examples of homeostatic processes including blood, temperature and calcium regulation
  • Examples of when diseases (such as diabetes) impact on homeostatic processes

Course Features

  • Interactive learning
  • Formative learning
  • A certificate of completion

Estimated Duration

4-5 hours depending on previous experience over a 12 month duration. You gain 4 CPD hours (Continuing Professional Development) upon successful completion of the course.

Target Audience

This online interactive course is specifically designed for students who are considering health science careers. It is also suitable for anyone interested in developing their understanding of cells and homeostasis systems.


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