Course Details: Family Violence eLearning Series

Family Violence eLearning Series

Family Violence Series

Course availability

6 months

Course Information

Welcome to the Family Violence eLearning series. The module was created in partnership with Ministry of Social Development and CPD@Whitireia.

Course Overview

The course includes the following five modules:
  1. Introduction to family violence
  • The scale of family violence in New Zealand
  • The impact of family violence
  • Who is at risk
  • What can be done to help

  1. Family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • What constitutes family violence
  • Types of abuse in families
  • Relevant NZ legislation
  • Exploring own world views

  1. Dimensions, dynamics and cultural constructs of family violence
  • Causes and theories of family violence
  • Socio–ecological and cultural considerations
  • Risk and protective factors

  1. Working with family members who use violence
  • Exploring family members who use violence world views
  • The Duluth power and control wheel
  • Family violence and children

  1. Working with family members that experience violence
  • Impact on family members who experience family violence
  • Risk management
  • Safety Planning concepts

Course Features

  • Interactive learning using animation and video
  • Formative learning

Estimated Duration

4-5 hours depending on previous experience over a 6 month duration.

Target Audience

This online interactive course is specifically designed for all of those working within Public Health in New Zealand.


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