Course Details: Recognising Abuse

Recognising Abuse

Scouts Series

Course availability

36 months

Course Information

Recognising abuse is a short interactive module that introduces participants to the concept of Child and Youth Protection. This module is the second of three modules focusing on keeping children and young people safe. The module explores types of abuse, indicators of abuse, bullying, risk factors and vulnerability.

This eLearning module has been created for all leaders and volunteers involved in Keas, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, learners will be able:
  • to understand types of abuse
  • to understand and recognise indicators of abuse
  • to understand risk factors and vulnerability of children and young persons

Course Overview

The course includes the following:
  • Types of abuse
  • Indicators of abuse
  • Bullying
  • Risk factors and vulnerability

Course Features

  • Interactive learning using animation
  • Formative learning

Estimated Duration

30 minutes depending on previous experience over a 6 month duration.

Target Audience

This online interactive course is specifically designed for all of those working within SCOUTS New Zealand.


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