Primary Mental Health Care

Primary Mental Health Care

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, learners will have an increased understanding of:

  • Primary Mental Health Care in New Zealand

  • Common models of health and assessments used in New Zealand

  • Common interventions used in supporting clients with mental health and addiction issues

  • Relevant New Zealand mental health legislation

Course overview

The course is structured into four topic areas:

  • Primary Mental Health Overview

  • Models of Health and Assessments

  • Therapeutic Relationships and Brief Interventions in Primary Care

  • Legal Considerations, Support and Treatment

The course features:

  • Animation and interactivity

  • Formative assessments, and

  • A certificate of completion.

 Estimated duration

4-6 hours depending on previous experience which can be done over a 6 month duration.  You gain 5 CPD hours (Continuing Professional Development) upon successful completion of the course.

 Target audience

This online interactive course is specifically designed for health professionals who are working in primary mental health settings.

Course availability: 6 months
Category: Mental Health